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Genuine online buyers have fallen victims of identity theft and other cybercrimes. You wouldn’t wish that to happen to you nor would you wish to receive spam emails or pop up adverts simply because you visited a website. That is why at we are very careful about the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. Therefore, feel secure because we are trustworthy and ready to inform you the information that we collect when you visit our site or use our services.

When You Visit Our Site

Just like any other sites that you may visit, we gather and track aggregate and anonymous information whenever you visit our site. Generally, this information enables us to improve our services and not for any other purpose. This information includes:

  1. The total time that you have spent on our website
  2. Whether you are visiting using a tablet, mobile device or a PC
  3. The browser that you are using
  4. The number of visitors who become customers

Importantly, we do not collect information about your IP addresses whenever you visit our site.

Once We have Your Order

We will need more information about you when you place an order with us. This information includes your names in full, phone number, and email address. This information enables us to communicate with you as we work on your order.

As you Make The Payment

Our certified online payment processor will gather information about your debit/credit card. This third-party payment processor protects your financial information using the most recent SSL technology. The payment processor is widely used by major retail sites. This information confirms that you have made your payment and that we have received it.

How Can you be Sure that We Protect your Information?

Like major online retailers, our firewalls are reflective of the most recent security measures. Therefore, be assured that your personal account on our site is perfectly safe because it is password protected. We do not share, distribute, lease or sell your information to any other third parties. Besides, we do not disclose the personal details of our clients such as names or email addresses to the writers. Importantly, we use cookies but ours are only necessary for tracking our visitors. Our website is protected from third parties, therefore, be assured that you will not get unnecessary pop-up ads because of visiting our site.

Our customer support is available 24/7 and you can make any specific inquiry regarding our privacy policy or our custom writing services.


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