Academic Writing Samples

At, we provide our clients with samples which should serve as guide in writing different types of academic papers. These papers were handled by our writers and we caution our clients against submitting the papers as their own due to originality issues. However, if you like how the samples are done, you can always contact us so that we can write your custom research paper for you.

Action Research Sample

Action research projects have four key sections: introduction and methodology, literature review and proposal, iterations, and reflective summary. The paper is written in phases meaning that students first submit the introduction and methodology before proceeding to the literature review and proposal. Here is a sample of the introduction section of an action research paper.

Sample Literature Review

From time to time, scholars are required to synthesize and critique the available literature on a specific topic. This involves searching for published material on the topic and presenting them in a logical manner. Literature reviews can be standalone assignments but can also be a part of research paper, thesis, or dissertation chapters.

Research Paper Sample

At times, learners are required to hand-in small research papers on different topics. Markedly, research papers can either be argumentative or analytical in nature. The former require a thesis statement which highlights the controversy in the topic. Writing a research paper requires critical thinking as scholars have to defend their arguments or analyze the existing evidence. You may download a research paper sample below.

Sample Essay

In the course of their educational journey, students write different types of essays ranging from persuasive, descriptive, expository, and narrative essays. An essay should have a strong thesis statement which should be supported by great arguments. Notably, it should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. You may review a sample paper from our essay writing services below.

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