Questions about Refunds

Q. Do you refund me when I mistakenly make an additional order?

A. We are only paid for the writing service that we offer you. You are guaranteed refund in case you have made any extra payment by mistake. You may also contact the Customer Support for more help.

Q. How much will I be refunded if I do not like your work?

A. You may get partial or full refund of your money if you are not satisfied with our work. You may need to check our Refund Guarantee Policy to get more information on the same. You may also contact the Customer Support for more help.

Our Guarantee on Free Revisions

Q. What is your deadline for free revision services?

A. Our deadline for free revision service is 30 calendar days after the Product is delivered. Any revision requested past the deadline is paid for as an Order requiring editing service.

Q. How long do you take to revise my work?

A. We begin revising your work immediately you request for a revision. We deliver the revised Product as per the deadline.

Q. Can you revise my work free of charge when my professor has changed instructions?

A. We revise your work free of charge as long the instructions do not change. We charge a variance when instructions are changed.

Plagiarism and Confidentiality

Q. What is your policy regarding plagiarism?

A. Plagiarism is a grave mistake in the academic world. As such, we encourage our writers to write the papers that they handle from scratch and they have perfected the art of writing 100% plagiarism free papers. Besides, our editors scan the papers to check plagiarism before delivery to our clients.

Q. Is my identity secure?

A. Rest assured that your identity is 100% protected whenever you use our services. We only need your name, email and phone number for contacting you. We do not share this information with third-parties. Our site is protected with the latest firewall protection and we have not had any breach before. Like other top online retailers, we use Secure Payment Processing Service and therefore your transactions with us are safely secured. At we offer our services via a secure HTTPS platform which ensures that the personal details of our clients that are submitted during a transaction remain secure.



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